No Wrench Flat AFTERMARKET Shimano SPD MTB & Road Bike Spindles

AFTER 1 YEAR OF BETA TESTING A TITANIUM SPINDLE THAT WILL HOLD UP TO SHIMANO's LOOSE BALL DESIGN 1 Set of Left Hand Right Hand Titanium Standard Length Spindles that will fit and lighten your Shimano SPD Pedals These spindles are as long as your original length Shimano Pedal Spindles Spindle Length is: 85.65mm Long Each Spindle Weight is: 61gr per set The wrench flats have been eliminated an 8mm Allen Slot has been broached into the back for ease of installation. Note: Our Spindles are made from USA Made Titanium. Many pedal maufacturers produce spindles from Tawainese titanium.Tawainese titanium production revolves around commercial and medical use and is more elastic than Ti-6Q2.US titanium production revolves around aircraft and military (fighter jet) production US titanium producers must adhere to tighter standards(When was the last time you heard of an F-22 made in Tawian) Our spindles have a far superior M.O.R. (Modulus of Ridgity).Remember when your pedal spindles flex you lose power. Traditional Shimano Spindles Chromoly be as heavy as 104gr per set. Our Spindles are made from a new high strength Titanium Alloy developed for the Air Force's F-22 Raptor Program. This alloy is called Ti-6Q2 (Ti-62222s) it is stronger, tougher, more fracture resistant, more abrasion resistant than the traditionally used Ti-6al-4v yet has the same weight characteristics.Because of it's harder surface it will last longer against the wear of your bearings and seals. Our spindles and materials are 100% American made.The Titanium is made in Niles,Ohio & the machining is done right here in Detroit,Michigan With the winding down of the F-22 Raptor Program we have an abundance of this Titanium made available to us at an economical price.Because of the current excess capacity for machining in Michigan we are able to provide a superior product for an economical price.Traditional Carbon Spindles can weigh as much as 109gr per set. This is an economic way to make your pedals & your MTB drive weight lighter. Also our spindles have a high rider weight limit of 235lbs & carry a 6 month replacement warranty. We are not associated with Shimano nor are our spindles or the materials they are made of approved by them.Packaging shown in auction is for demonstration purposes only and is not included in auction price I HAVE ADDED STRENGTH COMPARISON CHART OUR SPINDLES USE (U.S.) Ti-6Q2. TRADITIONAL TITANIUM SPINDLES USE Ti-6Al-4V. OUR TITANIUM IS DOMESTIC(U.S.). ALWAYS ASK WHERE THE TITANIUM IS PRODUCED FOR YOUR SPINDLES. CHINESE & TAIWANESE TITANIUM NOT YET AS STRONG AS DOMESTIC(U.S.). WHEN A TITANIUM SPINDLES BENDS & FLEXES YOU LOSE POWER & DESTROY BEARINGS EARLY. WE(U.S.) STILL PRODUCE THE MOST ADVANCED HIGH QUALITY TITANIUM IN THE WORLD. EVEN EUROPEAN AIRCRAFT MANUFACTURER AIRBUS BUYS MOST OF THEIR TITANIUM FROM THE U.S. Shipping Notes: Flat Rate Priority Envelopes are sometmes problematic please add insurance. If you chose no insurance we cannot help you with lost items. Flat Rate Priority Envelopes have not always been trackable. For International Buyers International PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER Priority Flat Rate Envelopes cannot be Tracked or Traced Online if you buy insurance we cannot help you with customs declarations because you have to insure full actual purchase price. The best option for customs help is International Express Mail. If you use this method we can help with declarations and you will get your spindles very quickly and you can track them.
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