Fits Egg Beater Pre 2010 Extra Short Tispindle Set

Offered Because of Popular Demand: Super Short Spindle That Fits Crank Brothers Egg Beater Pedals 1 Set of Left Hand and Right Hand Titanium Super Short Version Spindles that will fit all Crank Brothers Egg Beater Models C, SL, Stainless Steel, Ti, 2 Ti, 4 Ti models. Spindle Length is: 88.5mm  (Normal Egg Beater Short Spindle is 91.58) (Standard Egg Beater Spindle is 95.85) Spindle Weight is: 62g/set DISCLAIMER:These spindles are custom made and are not approved by Crank Brothers nor are we associated with Crank Brothers in any way. This design is made totally on our own and has never been made or condoned by Crank Brothers. Our Spindles are made from a new high strength Titanium Alloy developed for the Air Force's F-22 Raptor Program. This alloy is called Ti-6Q2 (Ti-62222s) it is stronger, tougher, more fracture resistant, more abrasion resistant than the traditionally used Ti-6al-4v yet has the same weight characteristics. Our spindles and materials are 100% American made.The Titanium is made in Niles,Ohio the machining is done right here in Detroit,Michigan.  With the winding down of the F-22 Raptor Program we have an abundance of this Titanium made available to us at an economical price.  Because of the current excess capacity for machining in Michigan we are able to provide a superior product for an economical price. Traditional Carbon and Stainless Spindles can weigh as much as 68g ea. This is an economic way to make your pedals and your MTB lighter. Also our spindles have a high rider weight limit of 235lbs they carry a 6 month replacement warranty. Packaging shown is for demonstration purposes only and is not included in price.

Fits Egg Beater Pre 2010 Extra Short Tispindle Set
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